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Guest Blogging on The Love List

January 4, 2011

ALSO – to prove I haven’t been completely AWOL, I did some guest blogging for my friend Jess Graves at The Love List. Even though it’s after Christmas, die-hard shoppers can probably get great deals on some of the things I picked out. Check out my Gentleman’s Gift Guide and mind the typos. I wrote it rather quickly.

Stay tuned. She’s moving to New York. T-R-O-U-B-L-E


Points of Inspiration: “Trapped” in New Orleans

January 4, 2011

Sunset over Lake Pontchartrain (A really easy word to spell because New Orleans is famous for phonetic pronunciations)

As most of you are aware, things have not been so winter wonderful in the Northeast over the holidays. It’s not because fish have been dying and birds have been falling from the sky (ahem, Arkansas). It’s because nature either hates us all and wants to see us suffer or because someone up there felt like it was important we all spend a little more time with our families this holiday season.

As New York City airports are continually ranked among the worst in the nation (world?), we tend to remember this when making travel arrangements. For instance, we know that sucking it up and getting to the airport in the morning is one’s best bet for leaving on time. We know what’s best to order at Fox Sports Grill in the Delta terminal at LaGuardia (the “Fox Sampler,” duh). We also know that waiting a few days to return on a day that’s off-peak is almost ALWAYS worth it.

Which is exactly what I tried to do this year.

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5 Things I Freely Admit I’m Reading

October 8, 2010

I once knew a girl who was quoted saying, “I’ve never been on an airplane and I don’t see any reason why I ever will. Everything I need is within driving distance [of Starkville, Mississippi].”

I know. Right?

So, the way I feel about that statement is similar to the way I feel when I ask someone “What are you reading?” and they don’t have an answer. I mean, I’m not trying to be smug here. I used to hate to read. But isn’t reading one of those inevitable activities you take up as you get older? You know? Like, crossword puzzles? Squeezing vegetables in Whole Foods to determine ripeness? Pretending to have a discerning palette when the sommelier pours you a taste of wine, when in reality you’d drink battery acid if it got you tanked?

Yeah, so now I love to read. Here’s what’s on my nightstand. I try to focus on just one book but, it never fails, I’m always toggling between four or five books at once in their various formats. Also, suggestions are welcome for what to read next. My amazon wish list is nothing but coffee table books (Go figure).

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Snapshots: What a Difference a Door Makes

October 8, 2010

“Do a post on home improvement. People love that shit.”

I don’t know what I’d do without my friends to inspire me. I know it’s been a while (God, am I always saying this?) but it’s time to break the silence. So, here’s the latest from the City (and the Country) with a bit of a twist. Read more…

A Moment with Makena Cahill

August 30, 2010

I’ve been a busy bee folks. Obviously, I’ve been neglectful, but I’m going to stop making excuses and, instead, make up for my lack of posts.

I went searching for information and inspiration this afternoon. I didn’t realize my chat application was opened and, wham, there went an hour. I’d like to think it’s not for naught though. My mollusk loving, internet-sweepstakes-entering friend and former colleague, Makena Cahill, has some things she needed to say:

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Points of Inspiration: A Wedding Weekend in Oxford, MS

August 12, 2010

To understand the world, you must first understand a place like Mississippi.

-William Faulkner

My gracious hosts for the weekend, Liz and Hall Edwards, are renovating their new home. This was the light switch in my bedroom from the previous owner. Liz says she's having a really hard time parting with it. It's pretty obvious why.

People from Mississippi love this quote. It’s one of those truths (?) that despite the negative things we can say about our state, makes us appear endlessly enigmatic, other-worldly, not totally understood and just really f’ing special.

I also find that that quote really annoys other people – particularly other Southerners. Whatever, guys. Our state is fat and highly illiterate. At least give us some literary cred. We’ve earned it.

So, I’ve recently returned from Oxford, Mississippi where I attended one of my oldest and dearest friend’s wedding. Aside from discovering this cat. I found a lot of good food, caught up with friends I miss dearly, and drank and ate way too much.

I made it back to New York alive – barely – but here’s a brief account of how it went down.

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Faulkner LIVE(ish) from Charlottesville!

July 9, 2010

Thank you, Garden & Gun Magazine for sharing the real voice of Faulkner with the world. As you say, “It’s one thing to read William Faulkner, but it’s something else entirely to listen to him speak.”

As I prepare to head down to Yoknapatawpha County Oxford next weekend for a wedding, I think I’ll need to make a stop at Rowan Oak for a tromp around the grounds to stir up some much-needed inspiration.

Mammy Callie? Is that you calling my name? Lawdamercy.

State friends, we can all be adults here. Please don’t hold it against me if I do a post on Oxford before I get around to Starkville. Just saying.  Go Dogs.